Manuela Arcuri

Manuela Arcuri

Born: January 8, 1977
Age: 42
Birthplace: Anagni, Frosinone, Italy

Manuela Arcuri (born 8 January 1977 in Anagni) is an Italian actress, model and soubrette.

She was the protagonist of two successful fiction L'onore e il rispetto[1] and Il peccato e la vergogna.

Manuela Arcuri was born in Anagni, near Frosinone, to a father from the Province of Crotone[2] and a mother from Avellino.[3] Raised in Latina, Italy from an early age, Manuela Arcuri, was often on the covers of tabloids. She has a black belt in karate. She was an attendee at former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's private parties.[4][5]


TV career

At a very early age she was attracted to showbusiness, and she became a fashion model; in 1995 she played parts in soap operas and in her first movie, Black Holes directed by Pappi Corsicato; then she had a supporting role in Graduates directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni, which brought her to the attention of the moviegoing public.
She continued acting in other movies and stage productions, such as A pretty story of a woman e Liolà at the side of Gianfranco Jannuzzo and under the direction of Gigi Proietti.

In 2000 Manuela Arcuri, now considered a sex symbol, appeared in a calendar for the magazine GenteViaggi; the following year, she posed for another calendar, this time for the magazine Panorama, obtaining great success that consolidated her reputation and helped her land a role in the TV series Carabinieri. In 2001 she hosted the TV show Mai dire Goal with Gialappa's Band. In 2002 she was crowned as a TV star by co-hosting Sanremo 'Festival (2002) alongside Pippo Baudo and her colleague, actress Vittoria Belvedere.

In 2003 she co-hosted with Teo Teocoli and Anna Maria Barbera the eighth series of the TV comedy show Scherzi a parte.

Advertising work

  • Lormar
  • Anima Gemella


  • Liolà (2006)
  • Il primo che mi capita (2008)
  • A pretty story of woman (2010)


  • Graduates, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni (1995)
  • Black Holes, directed by Pappi Corsicato (1995)
  • Viaggi di nozze, directed by Carlo Verdone (1995)
  • Uomini senza donne, directed by Angelo Longoni (1996)
  • Gratta e vinci, directed by Ferruccio Castronuovo (1996)
  • A spasso nel tempo, directed by Carlo Vanzina (1996)
  • Cuori perduti, directed by Teresio Spalla (1997)
  • Finalmente soli, directed by Umberto Marino (1997)
  • Disokkupati, TV series in 40 episodes, directed Franza Di Rosa (1997)
  • Bagnomaria, directed by Giorgio Panariello (1999)
  • Voglio stare sotto al letto, directed by Bruno Colella (1999)
  • Anni '60, TV mini-series in 4 episodes, directed by Carlo Vanzina (1999)
  • Alla ricerca di Sheherazade, TV film, directed by Franco Giraldi (1999)
  • Coconut Heads, directed by Ugo Fabrizio Giordani (2000)
  • Freewheeling, directed by Vincenzo Salemme (2000)
  • Madness of Love (Juana la Loca), directed by Vicente Aranda (2001)
  • Carabinieri, first and second seasons of the TV series, directed by Raffaele Mertes (2002)
  • The Witch Affair, directed by José Miguel Juárez (2003)
  • Con le unghie e con i denti, TV film directed by Pier Francesco Pingitore (2003)
  • Madame, TV film directed by Salvatore Samperi (2004)
  • Regina dei fiori, directed by Vittorio Sindoni (2005)
  • Carabinieri: Sotto copertura, TV film directed by Raffaele Mertes (2005)
  • Imperia, la grande cortigiana, TV film directed by Pier Francesco Pingitore (2005)
  • L'Onore e il Rispetto, TV film directed by Salvatore Samperi (2006)
  • Donne sbagliate, TV film directed by Monica Vullo (2007)
  • Mogli a pezzi, TV film (2007)
  • Caterina e le sue figlie 2, second season of TV series, directed by Fabio Jephcott (2007)
  • Il peccato e la vergogna, TV series (2010)
  • Il peccato e la vergogna 2, TV series (2011-2012)
  • Sangue caldo, TV series (2011)
  • Pupetta - The brave and the passion, TV series (2013)

2007 Manuela appeared as the love interest in Prince's video Somewhere Here On Earth, shot in Prague

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