Mike Moore

Mike Moore

Born: November 26, 1959
Age: 60
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Michael Moore is an American filmmaker and author.

Michael Moore (or variants) may also refer to:


  • 1 Politics
  • 2 Arts and entertainment
  • 3 Sport
  • 4 Others


  • Michael Moore (Australian politician) (born 1950), former member of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly
  • Michael Moore (judge), former Federal Court of Australia justice
  • Michael Moore (British politician) (born 1965), Liberal Democrat politician in the UK, former Secretary of State for Scotland
  • Michael O. Moore, Massachusetts Senator from Millbury, Massachusetts, representing the Second Worcester District
  • Mike Moore (New Zealand politician) (born 1949), former Prime Minister of New Zealand and former Director-General of the World Trade Organization
  • Mike Moore (U.S. politician) (born 1952), former Mississippi attorney-general, known for his involvement with early tobacco litigation
  • Michael W. Moore (born 1948), former Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections
  • Michael J. Moore, former state senator and United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia

Arts and entertainment

  • Michael D. Moore (1914-2013), Canadian-born American film director and child actor, also known as Mickey Moore
  • Michael S. Moore (born 1974), American comic book writer
  • Michael Moore (saxophonist and clarinetist) (born 1954), American jazz artist
  • Michael Moore (bassist) (born 1945), American jazz artist


  • Mike Moore (baseball) (born 1959), Major League Baseball player
  • Mike Moore (baseball executive), Minor League Baseball president
  • Mike Moore (ice hockey) (born 1984), ice hockey player
  • Michael Moore (footballer) (born 1981), Scottish football player
  • Michael Moore (offensive lineman) (born 1976), former American football guard
  • Michael Moore (rowing) (born 1970), American Olympic rower
  • Mike Moore (American football coach), American football coach in the United States
  • Mike Moore (running back) (1956-2016), college football player
  • Mikki Moore (born 1975), NBA player for the Golden State Warriors
  • Mick Moore (born 1952), English footballer
  • Henry W. Moore (1876-1917), negro leagues baseball player, often known as Mike Moore
  • Mike Moore (wrestler) (born 1958), former WCW professional wrestler


  • Michael S. Moore (academic), American lawyer
  • Michael D. Moore (evangelist), pastor of the Faith Chapel Christian Center in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Michael Moore (herbalist) (1941-2009), author, founder of the SW School of Botanical Medicine and expert on medicinal plants
  • Michael Moore (physicist) (born 1943), professor of theoretical physics since 1976 at the University of Manchester
  • Michael Moore (Swedish officer) (born 1953), major-general in Swedish Air Force, and expert at Swedish Department of Defense
  • Michael G. Moore, professor of education
  • Michael Scott Moore (born 1969), American journalist and novelist

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