Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh

Born: December 23, 1978
Age: 45
Birthplace: Brentwood, Essex, England

Jodie Marsh (born 23 December 1978) is an English media personality, bodybuilder and occasional glamour model. She has featured topless in lads' mags and tabloid newspapers and appeared in her own reality show, Totally Jodie Marsh.


Early life

Jodie Louise Marsh was born in Brentwood, Essex. She was educated at the independent Brentwood School. She has a brother, Jordan. She first came to prominence in the reality TV programme Essex Wives in 2002.

Television, film and voice appearances

Marsh was working at Stringfellows when she appeared in a programme about Essex girls. This led to a number of modelling jobs (see below). She has subsequently taken part in many reality television shows, including Trust Me - I'm A Holiday Rep, Channel 4's The Games, E4's Fool Around... with Jodie Marsh on two occasions, as a house guest in the short lived Five series Back to Reality as well as winning £1,000 for charity on Channel 4's popular show Come Dine With Me on 14 September 2010.

Jodie won a celebrity version of The Weakest Link in 2006. Marsh had a cameo role in the first episode of Channel 4's Friday night comedy showThe Kevin Bishop Show.

After competing in Celebrity Big Brother, Marsh appeared on several of the spin off shows including: Big Brother's Little Brother, Big Brother's Big Mouth and Big Brother's EForum.

In its second UK series, Marsh showed viewers around her home on MTV's Cribs in 2008. Also in 2008, Marsh appeared on Channel 4's documentary It's Me or the Dog. She was given training tips at home to deal with her four dogs.

Marsh appeared as a contestant in Channel Five's reality show The All Star Talent Show, hosted by Myleene Klass and Andi Peters. Following this, Marsh began presenting her own series, Get A Life for Living TV on 1 March 2007. It was cancelled after two episodes, due to poor viewing figures.

In October 2008, she appeared on the first episode of London Ink on TV channel Discovery Real Time. The following year, Marsh appeared on the popular BBC Three show Snog Marry Avoid?, hosted by Jenny Frost. Marsh came face to face with the computerised overhaul device named POD where she received a make-under although quickly reverted to her usual heavily made up look.

On 29 September 2010, Marsh appeared in the one-off documentary Jodie Marsh Tattoo Apprentice which was screened on the channel DMAX.

On 25 January 2012, Marsh appeared on Channel 5's Bullied: My Secret Past. She spoke of the effect bullying had on her and how it has made her who she is today. She also met other victims of bullying.

In April 2013, Channel 5 broadcast the first of two shows titled Jodie Marsh: Bullied. The show features Marsh venturing to the United States to investigate how American schools tackle bullying.

Modelling career

After being discovered table dancing, Marsh posed for magazines such as FHM, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo.

Marsh was a Page 3 girl for The Sun on six occasions. She also appeared in photo shoots for the newspapers Daily Sport, Daily Star and News of the World.

In June 2009, Marsh appeared on the cover of Zoo, In November 2010, she appeared on a special edition double cover for the magazine. In April 2011, Marsh completed another photoshoot for the same magazine; she appeared on the cover of the magazine for a special 3-D edition of the weekly. Marsh then continued to model by featuring on the cover of the magazine again in November 2012 and March 2013.

Celebrity Big Brother

In January 2006, Marsh appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 4. On 13 January, she was the first to be voted out of the house — with 8 out of 10 possible nominations from her fellow housemates, and 42% of the public vote.

Totally Jodie Marsh

In May 2007, the website Marry Me Jodie Marsh was launched with the teaser "I'm getting married this September... Only problem is that I don't have a man!" Men were invited to submit an application for a series of open auditions for the chance to marry Marsh that September. MTV filmed the search and subsequent wedding.

The reality series featuring Marsh entitled Totally Jodie Marsh: Who'll Take Her Up the Aisle?, premiered in July 2007 documenting Marsh's search to find a husband. Marsh eventually chose Matt Peacock, an ex-boyfriend of fellow glamour model Jordan.

In the final episode of the show, MTV executives confronted Marsh and Peacock with taped footage of Peacock's audition claiming he and Marsh had been dating for months and living together for three months, contrary to the show's claims. After the MTV executives left the room, Peacock accused Marsh of lying to MTV.

The couple married on 1 September 2007 at Sugar Hut, a nightclub in Brentwood, Essex. A second ceremony in her mother’s back garden was shown on MTV on 2 September 2007. It was later revealed that Marsh had the wedding paid for by sponsors who believed that the wedding was genuine. The couple split up in December 2007. Marsh later admitted to Love It in their 8 January 2008 issue that ".. the marriage was for TV. It was never for real" and "I'm not hiding the fact I did the TV show for money. Of course I did".


In 2009, Marsh became interested in bodybuilding and developed a muscular physique working under a personal trainer. At the end of January 2010, Marsh was featured on LA Muscle TV in an hour long show called 6 pack in 4 weeks. Jodie's work on the show, resulted in a photo shoot for Muscle and Fitness magazine. In October 2011, Marsh entered the Natural Physique Association Bodybuilding Championships in Sheffield where she was placed 5th overall.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper on 4 October 2011, Marsh said "This is the best I’ve ever felt, and the best my body has ever felt too. In just 50 days I have gone from 25 per cent body fat to 10 per cent body fat, gained 8 pounds of muscle, and lost 20 pounds of fat. In 8 weeks I have achieved what normally takes six to nine months."

Jodie Marsh appeared on This Morning. on 5 October 2011 to discuss her bodybuilding competition and physique. Marsh then appeared on Daybreak and The Late Late Show in October 2011.

On 6 October 2011, Marsh appeared in a photoshoot and video interview with The Sun newspaper in which they discussed her fitness regime and workout sessions.

On 26 October 2011, Marsh returned to The Sun newspaper for a photoshoot to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of her first photoshoot with the paper. The shots appeared in the newspaper, with additional photographs with an interview on the website.

Marsh's new physique resulted in photoshoots and interviews with various magazines. OK! Magazine featured an "at home" interview on 11 October 2011. Heat Magazine followed on 12 October 2011.

In 2012, Marsh featured in two TV shows for the DMAX network. The first, "Jodie Marsh: Bodybuilder" chronicled Marsh's attempts to compete with only weeks of training. The second show "Jodie Marsh: Brawn in the USA" featured Jodie winning gold in the INBF Bodybuilding Championships in Los Angeles in June 2012.

In July 2012, Jodie Marsh launched her own personal range of bodybuilding protein shakes and fat burning supplements called "JST Jodie".


In 2005, Marsh published her autobiography Keeping It Real. The hardback was released in 2005, followed by a paperback version in 2006. The hardback version reached the top 10 on the best-sellers list. A much-publicised five-book deal never materialised.

Marsh wrote a weekly column for celebrity gossip magazine Sneak until its closure in August 2006 and was previously Zoo Weekly magazine's "sexpert", advising men on sex-related issues. Her choice as an agony aunt angered some established professionals. She defended herself against these claims stating, "I haven't exactly got a degree in psychology but I just love sex, don't I?"

Personal life

In December 2006, Marsh announced her engagement to Brentwood DJ David Doyle, after dating for 11 days. Eschewing the traditional engagement ring, Marsh instead tattooed Doyle's full name on her hand and the couple appeared together in OK! magazine announcing their plan to marry in a fetish ceremony in a dungeon. The relationship ended between late December and mid-January 2007 with Doyle blaming Marsh's constant drinking and poor personal hygiene. Marsh, however, claimed Doyle had been unfaithful. In 2008, Marsh publicly began a relationship with a female hairdresser called Nina and photographs of the two on a number of dates were published in magazines and newspapers of the time. In the November issue of the UK edition of Star magazine, Marsh gave a full interview about their relationship and recreated the iconic Vanity Fair front cover depicting Cindy Crawford shaving k.d. lang. In July 2012, Marsh started dating Kirk Norcross in a two-week relationship, posting intimate pictures on Twitter, which ended after it was claimed that she had refused sex with Norcross. In August 2015, she married James Placido, who she had met in a car park. In April 2016, she announced over Instagram that the pair had separated.

Marsh is a vegetarian and participated in the Peta campaign, "All animals have the same parts". She also works with the Essex Air Ambulance Flight for Life campaign and created a 2012 calendar with the charity.


In 2004, Marsh sold a story to the News of the World claiming that she had had a sexual liaison with Chelsea F.C. midfielder Frank Lampard. Lampard denied the claims and filed a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission. The complaint was not upheld and Marsh clarified they had done everything but intercourse and four other men had been involved.

On 24 March 2006, Liberal Democrats education spokesman Phil Willis questioned Schools Minister Jacqui Smith in Parliament as to whether Marsh should be permitted access to schools in promoting her BeatBullying work, describing her blog as "the language of an appalling bully". Smith responded that, "Jodie Marsh does not represent the Department for Education and Skills in any way. Decisions about giving people access to pupils in schools are a matter for individual head teachers and governing bodies." Marsh described Willis as "just a sad, past-it old wannabe trying to get famous off my back." Willis later told the Daily Mail, "I just think we are descending really to the lowest common denominator when we are actually putting people on a pedestal like Jodie Marsh to send into our schools. I think we could find better role models."

On 11 August 2006, Marsh was booed by spectators at the annual Jersey Battle of Flowers Parade where she was a celebrity guest. The combined fee for Marsh and the parade's other celebrity guest, Andy Abraham, was estimated as £20,000. It has been suggested that this expense and the quality of the celebrity it bought contributed to the negative reception, but it was also noted a very small minority of people that were involved in the booing.

While filming a documentary called 'Benefits By The Sea' for Discovery Channel at Brooklands Estate in Jaywick, Essex in October 2015, she had eggs thrown at her and she was heckled by the people living in the area.

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