Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

Born: December 29, 1960
Age: 59
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Jim, Jimmy, or Jimmie Wilson may refer to:


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  • 2 Politicians
  • 3 Entertainment
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  • James B. Wilson (1896-1986), known as Jimmie, American football player and coach
  • Jim Wilson (Australian footballer) (born 1930), Australian rules footballer for Melbourne
  • Jim Wilson (basketball) (born 1948), American professional basketball player
  • Jim Wilson (first baseman) (born 1960), American Major League Baseball player
  • Jim Wilson (pitcher) (1922-1986), American pitcher in Major League Baseball, 1945–1958
  • Jim Wilson (soccer) (fl. 1924), Canadian international soccer player
  • Jim Wilson (wrestler) (1942-2009), American football player, professional wrestler
  • Jim Wilson (footballer, born 1945) (born 1945), Scottish footballer
  • Jimmie Wilson (baseball) (1900-1947), American baseball player and manager and professional soccer player
  • Jimmy Wilson (footballer, born 1916) (1916-after 1939), English football inside forward who played for Lincoln City in the 1930s
  • Jimmy Wilson (footballer, born 1924) (1924-1987), also known as Tug Wilson, English footballer who played for Watford in the 1950s
  • Jimmy Wilson (footballer, born 1942), Scottish footballer
  • Jimmy Wilson (American football) (born 1986), American football cornerback
  • Jimmy Wilson (footballer, born 1909) (1909-?), British footballer


  • Jim Wilson (Ontario politician) (born 1963), politician in Ontario, Canada
  • Jim Wilson (Oklahoma politician) (born 1947), Oklahoma state senator
  • Jim Wilson (Northern Ireland politician) (born 1941), former member of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Jim Wilson (New Brunswick politician) (1937-2005), member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
  • Jim Wilson (Los Angeles) (1872-1956), banker and City Council member
  • Jimmy Wilson (politician) (1931-1986), Louisiana politician


  • Jim Wilson (comics), fictional character, friend of the Incredible Hulk and Rick Jones who later dies of AIDS
  • Jim Wilson (guitar player), guitar player for rock band Mother Superior and former guitar player for the Rollins Band
  • Jim Wilson (producer), American movie producer
  • Jim Wilson (sports journalist) (born 1968), Australian television sports presenter
  • Jimmy Wilson (blues musician) (1918-1966), West Coast blues singer of the 1950s
  • Jimmie Wilson (singer), American singer


  • Jimmy Wilson (robber) (1904-after 1973), African-American farmhand who was convicted of robbery and sentenced to death for stealing $1.95
  • Jim Richard Wilson (1953-2014), director of the Opalka Gallery

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