Fred Olen Ray

Fred Olen Ray

Birth name: Fred Olen Ray
Born: September 10, 1954
Age: 63
Birthplace: Wellston, Ohio
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Fred Olen Ray (born September 10, 1954) is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and cinematographer.



He is the producer, director, and screenwriter of low to medium-budget feature films in many genres, including horror, science fiction, action/adventure, softcore sex films and crime dramas. He has also produced a few feature films for a family audience.

Aside from the film industry, Fred Olen Ray is also a professional wrestler. His wrestling name is Fabulous Freddie Valentine. He is currently married to Kimberly A. Ray who helps produce many of his films.

Film career

Ray was born in Ohio, but grew up in Florida. He claims to have a large family tree and be distantly related to Queen Elizabeth. He began directing and producing films in 1978. Ray directed several films in Florida, including Alien Dead with film legend Buster Crabbe, then moved to Southern California to be close to the film industry.

Many of his early productions appeared at drive-in theaters and inner-city grindhouses, when those outlets for low-budget films were still significant. Some of Ray's productions have received theatrical releases. Most of his current output, however, is released directly to DVD or appears on cable television channels such as Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO. Ray has directed over 100 films and is still going strong.

Ray is the head of Retromedia, which releases DVDs of both his own productions and archival films. He has also worked for other well-known independent studios and on a few occasions for major Hollywood studios.

He is also cited as an inspiration for many independent filmmakers.

Ray has written The New Poverty Row: Independent Filmmakers as Distributors in 1991.


In his craft, Fred Olen Ray has used many pseudonyms, some used earlier by the B-movie director, Sam Newfield.

  • Bill Carson
  • Dr. S. Carver
  • Roger Collins
  • Peter Daniels
  • Nicholas/Nick Medina
  • Sam Newfield
  • Fred Ray
  • Ed Raymond
  • Randy Rocket
  • Sherman Scott
  • Peter Stewart
  • Freddie/Freddy Valentine
  • Brian Wolfe


Year Film Pseudonym(s) Notes
2016 The Twin Producer & director
Trial Director
Sniper: Special Ops Writer & director
Accidental Switch Writer, producer & director
2015 Small Town Prince
2014 After Midnight
Christmas in Palm Springs Producer & director
House of Secrets
2013 All I Want for Christmas
Abner, the Invisible Dog
Holiday Road Trip Writer & director
2012 A Christmas Wedding Date Writer, producer & director
Collision Course
Baby Dolls Behind Bars Director
Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood Writer, producer & director
Busty Housewives of Beverly Hills Nicholas Medina Director
Dirty Blondes from Beyond
The Teenie Weenie Bikini Squad
2011 Super Shark Writer, producer & director
Together We Can Find a Cure Director
Little Witches Nicholas Medina Writer, executive producer & director
Bikini Time Machine
Lady Chatterly's Ghost
Knock Outs
2010 Housewives from Another World Writer & director
Turbulent Skies Writer, producer & director
Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros Nicholas Medina Writer, executive producer & director
Twilight Vamps
Bikini Frankenstein Nicholas Medina
Bikini Royale 2 Writer & director
American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James Writer, producer & director
2009 Silent Venom Director
Dire Wolf
2008 Voodoo Dollz Nicholas Medina Writer, executive producer & director
Bikini Royale Executive producer & director
Polar Opposites Director
Solar Flare
Tarzeena: Jiggle in the Jungle
2007 Bewitched Housewives Nicholas Medina Writer & director
The Lair TV Show
Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes Writer & director
2006 The Legend of William Tell Director
Bikini Pirates Nicholas Medina Writer & director
2005 Glass Trap Ed Raymond Director
Bikini Round-Up Nicholas Medina Writer & director
2004 Tomb of the Werewolf Sherman Scott
Bikini a Go-Go Nicholas Medina
Sherman Scott
The Bikini Escort Company Bill Carson
Nicholas Medina
Sherman Scott
Writer, associate producer & director
Genie in a String Bikini Nicholas Medina Writer, producer & director
Haunting Desires Nicholas Medina
Sherman Scott
Writer & director
Bikini Cavegirl
2003 Final Examination Ed Raymond Director
2002 Southern Discomfort: Wrestling on the Indie Circuit Freddy Valentine Actor, writer, producer & director
Venomous Ed Raymond Director
13 Erotic Ghosts Roger Collins
Nicholas Medina
Peter Stewart
Actor, editor, writer, executive producer & director
2001 Emmanuelle 2000 Ed Raymond Director
Air Rage
Mach 2
ACW Wrestling's Wildest Matches Sherman Scott
Freddie Valentine
Actor, producer & director
Emmanuelle 2001: Emmanuelle's Sensual Pleasures Nicholas Medina Director
Kept Uncredited director
Stranded Director
2000 Submerged
Critical Mass Ed Raymond
Inviati speciali
1999 Invisible Mom II Producer & director
Fugitive Mind
The Prophet Sherman Scott Actor & director
The Kid with X-ray Eyes Director
Counter Measures Producer & director
Active Stealth Director
Scandal: On the Other Side Nick Medina
1998 Mom, Can I Keep Her? Producer & director
Illicit Dreams 2 Roger Collins
Billy Frankenstein Director
Dear Santa Peter Stewart
Mom's Outta Sight
1997 The Shooter Ed Raymond
Inferno Actor & director
Invisible Mom Actor, producer & director
Bikini Hoe-Down Roger Collins
Nicholas Medina
Producer & director
Invisible Dad Writer & director
Little Miss Magic Writer, producer & director
Masseuse 2 Peter Daniels Writer & director
Maximum Revenge Bill Carson Actor & director
Night Shade Nicholas Medina Producer & director
Rapid Assault Sherman Scott Director
1996 Friend of the Family II Nicholas Medina
Fugitive Rage Actor, producer & director
Over the Wire Nicholas Medina Director
Masseuse Peter Daniels
1995 Droid Gunner Actor, producer & director
Bikini Drive-In Randy Rocket
Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold
Star Hunter Sam Newfield
1994 Inner Sanctum II
Possessed by the Night Actor, writer & director
Dinosaur Island Producer & director
Mind Twister Actor & director
1993 Dinosaur Girls Writer, producer & director
Witch Academy Producer & director
1992 Evil Toons Uncredited voice actor, writer, producer & director
1991 Haunting Fear Writer, producer & director
Spirits Director
Inner Sanctum Co-producer & director
Scream Queen Hot Tub Party Bill Carson Actor, writer, producer & director
Bad Girls from Mars Sherman Scott
Wizards of the Demon Sword Producer & director
1990 Mob Boss
1989 Warlords
Terminal Force
Alienator Uncredited actor & director
1988 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Dr. S. Carver Writer, producer & director
Prison Ship
Beverly Hills Vamp Producer & director
1987 Commando Squad Uncredited actor, co-producer & director
Cyclone Uncredited actor, uncredited writer & director
Deep Space Actor, writer, producer & director
Evil Spawn Producer & uncredited director
1986 Armed Response Actor, writer, co-producer & director
The Tomb Producer & director
The Phantom Empire Writer, producer & director
1985 Biohazard Actor, writer, producer & director
1983 Scalps Writer & director
1980 Alien Dead Fred Ray Actor, writer, cinematographer, producer & director
1977 The Brain Leeches Fred Ray
Brian Wolfe
1971 Demented Death Farm Massacre Producer & director
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