Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper

Born: May 25, 1944
Age: 76
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Charlie Harper (born David Charles Perez, 25 May 1944, Hackney, London) is a British singer and songwriter. He is best known as the lead singer from the punk band UK Subs. Charlie Harper is reportedly a nephew of actor Cesar Romero.[1]

A former hairdresser,[2][3] he was already a veteran of the London R&B scene at the time of the UK Subs being formed in 1976. His first band in 1964 was named Charlie Harper Free Press Band.[4][5] Prior to forming the UK Subs, he was the frontman and founder of The Marauders between 1975-76.[citation needed]

In 1980 his solo single release "Barmy London Army" spent one week at #68 in the UK Singles Chart.[6] He has also recorded with his side project The Urban Dogs and released a solo album entitled Stolen Property and a second solo single "Freaked". As well as singing he also plays the harmonica and bass, he played rhythm guitar on the UK Subs album Diminished Responsibility. He still typically performs between 150 and 200 gigs per year with the UK Subs.[7]





  • Stolen Property(1981), Flicknife


  • "Barmy London Army"/"Talk Is Cheap" (1980), Gem
  • "Freaked"/"Jo" (1981), Ramkup - UK Indie no. 17[8]

with UK Subs

see U.K. Subs#Discography

with The Urban Dogs


  • Urban Dogs (1983), Fall Out - UK Indie no. 18[8]
  • No Pedigree (1985), Flicknife
  • Wipeout Beach (1998), Raw Power
  • Bonefield (2012), Time and Matter
  • Attack! (2016), Time and Matter


  • "New Barbarians" (1982), Fall Out - UK Indie no. 15[8]
  • "Limo Life" (1983), Fall Out - UK Indie no. 16[8]
  • "(We Don't Want No) Millenium Dome" (1999), Raw Power
  • "Rebellion Song" (2014), Time and Matter
  • "Trick or Treat" (2016), Time and Matter

with Charlie's Harbour Rats

  • "Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms" single (2012), Punkerama

with Captain Sensible

  • Too Much Reality EP (2013), Time and Matter


  • New Barbarians: The Best Of Charlie Harper And The Urban Dogs (1999), Captain Oi!

Recorded tributes

  • "Charlie Harper" - a track by The Bus Station Loonies appeared on their "Bare Faced Hypocrisy Sells Records" EP on the Ruptured Ambitions label in 1998. A different version was on their 1999 Mad Frank's Zonal Disco album.

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