Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson

Born: November 9, 1945
Age: 78
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Charley, Charlie or Charles Robinson may refer to:


  • 1 In arts and entertainment
  • 2 In government, military, and politics
  • 3 In science and academia
  • 4 In sport
  • 5 In other fields
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In arts and entertainment

  • Charles Dorman Robinson (1847-1933), American painter
  • Charles Napier Robinson (1849-1936), English journalist and story writer
  • Charles M. Robinson (architect) (1867-1932), American architect
  • Charles Mulford Robinson (1869-1917), American journalist
  • Charles Robinson (illustrator) (1870-1937), British book illustrator
  • Charles Knox Robinson (1932-2006), American actor
  • Charlie Robinson (actor) (born 1945), American actor
  • Charles M. Robinson III (1949-2012), American author and illustrator
  • Charles M. Robinson (video director) (born 1984), American video director

In government, military, and politics

  • Charles Robinson (MP) (c. 1732-1807), English politician; MP for Canterbury
  • Charles L. Robinson (1818-1894), American politician; first governor of Kansas
  • Charles D. Robinson (1822-1886), American politician; third Secretary of State of Wisconsin
  • Charles Robinson Jr. (1829-1891), American politician; mayor of Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Charles Robinson (Canadian politician) (1835-1898), physician and politician in Ontario
  • Charles Robinson (Medal of Honor) (1840-1896), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Charles Robinson (RAF airman) (1897-1961), English flying ace in World War I
  • Charles W. Robinson (1919-2014), American entrepreneur
  • Charles Robinson (Arkansas politician) (born 1946), American politician; Arkansas State Treasurer

In science and academia

  • Charles Robinson (priest) (1826-1909), English academic at Cambridge University
  • Charles Seymour Robinson (1829-1899), American pastor and editor and compiler of hymns
  • Charles Budd Robinson (1871-1913), Canadian botanist
  • Charles Alexander Robinson Jr. (1900-1965), American classical scholar

In sport

  • Charlie Robinson (baseball) (1856-1913), American baseball player
  • Charles Robinson (Australian cricketer) (1879-1951), Australian cricketer
  • Charles Robinson (New Zealand cricketer) (1892-1947), cricketer for New Zealand
  • Charley Robinson (1925-2007), American football player
  • Charles Robinson (referee) (born 1964), American professional wrestling referee, aka Little Naitch

In other fields

  • Charles Scott Robinson, American criminal sentenced in 1994, see list of longest prison sentences

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