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William, Willy, Will, Billy, or Bill Campbell may refer to:


  • 1 Government officials
    • 1.1 Canada
    • 1.2 United States
    • 1.3 Australia
  • 2 Sports
    • 2.1 Association football
    • 2.2 Australian rules football
    • 2.3 Baseball
    • 2.4 Golf
    • 2.5 Gridiron football
  • 3 Military figures
  • 4 Entertainment
    • 4.1 Actors
    • 4.2 Musicians
  • 5 Religious figures
  • 6 Other people

Government officials

  • Lord William Campbell (c. 1731-1778), Scottish-born Royal Governor of Nova Scotia and South Carolina
  • William Campbell, 2nd Baron Stratheden and Campbell (1824-1893), British peer and Liberal politician
  • William John Campbell, Creole mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • William Robert Campbell (fl. 1860s), British colonial Inspector General of Police of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • William Campbell, Lord Skerrington (1855-1927), Scottish law lord


  • William Campbell (judge) (1758-1834), Scottish-born Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Upper Canada
  • William Campbell (Canadian politician) (born 1929), Canadian House of Commons, 1979-1980
  • William Campbell (Prince Edward Island politician) (1836-1909), farmer and political figure
  • William A. Campbell (1873-1934), Alberta provincial politician
  • William Bennett Campbell (1943-2008), former premier of Prince Edward Island
  • Bill Campbell (Nova Scotia politician) (1919-2003), Canadian politician in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
  • William Neil Campbell (1885-1979), Canadian politician

United States

  • William Campbell (California politician) (1935-2015), American politician
  • William Campbell (surveyor) (c. 1767-1844), American physician and politician from New York, of Cherry Valley, Otsego County
  • William B. Campbell (1807-1867), governor of Tennessee
  • William J. Campbell (Illinois politician) (1850-1896), American politician (23rd Lieutenant Governor of Illinois)
  • William Joseph Campbell (1905-1988), U.S. federal judge
  • William L. Campbell Jr. (born 1969), U.S federal judge
  • William W. Campbell (New York) (1806-1881), U.S. congressman from New York
  • William W. Campbell (New York state senator) (1870-1934), American lawyer and politician from New York
  • William Wildman Campbell (1853-1927), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Bill Campbell (California politician) (born 1942), Republican politician from California
  • Bill Campbell (mayor) (born 1953), former mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
  • William Douglas Campbell, lobbyist and FBI informant in 2017


  • William Campbell (Victorian politician) (1810-1896), pastoralist and member of the Victorian Legislative Council
  • William Campbell (New South Wales politician) (1838-1906), New South Wales politician
  • William Henry Campbell (Queensland politician) (1846-1919), Queensland politician and newspaper editor/proprietor
  • Bill Campbell (Victorian politician) (1920-1996), Victorian politician


  • William Campbell (sport shooter) (1919-?), Irish Olympic sport shooter
  • William Alexander Campbell (born 1961), Australian vascular surgeon and former Wallabies rugby player
  • Willie Campbell (hurler) (1918-?), Irish hurler
  • Bill Campbell (sportscaster) (1923-2014), sportscaster in the Philadelphia area

Association football

  • William Campbell (footballer) (1865-?), Scottish forward with various clubs including Preston North End, Darwen and Newton Heath
  • Willie Campbell (footballer) (c. 1900-?), Scottish footballer
  • Billy Campbell (footballer, born 1920) (1920-1994), Scotland international footballer (Greenock Morton FC)
  • Billy Campbell (Northern Irish footballer) (born 1944), Northern Ireland international footballer (Sunderland AFC, Dundee FC, Motherwell FC)

Australian rules football

  • Bill Campbell (footballer, born 1883) (1883-1954), Australian rules footballer for Fitzroy
  • Bill Campbell (footballer, born 1904) (1904-2007), Australian rules footballer for North Melbourne


  • Bill Campbell (baseball) (born 1948), former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Billy Campbell (baseball) (1873-1957), baseball player


  • William C. Campbell (golfer) (1923-2013), former president of the United States Golf Association
  • Willie Campbell (golfer) (1862-1900), Scottish golfer

Gridiron football

  • William Campbell (American football) (born 1991), American football offensive guard
  • Bill Campbell (gridiron football) (1920-1974), American player of gridiron football

Military figures

  • William Campbell (general) (1745-1781), Virginia militia general in the American Revolution
  • William Campbell (Medal of Honor, 1838) (1838-?), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • William Campbell (Medal of Honor, 1840) (1840-1919), American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • William A. Campbell (Tuskegee Airman) (1917-2012), African American pilot
  • William Charles Campbell (1889-1958), World War I fighter pilot
  • William Hunter Campbell (1839-1862), Ohio civilian who worked for the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • William Pitcairn Campbell (1856-1933), British Army general during World War I
  • William J. Campbell (general) (1931-2017), American Air Force general
  • William Campbell (British army adjutant) (died 1779) killed in battle at West Haven, Connecticut
  • William Edward Campbell, better known as William March (1893-1954), American soldier and novelist


  • William Campbell (filmmaker), television and film producer, documentary filmmaker, and photojournalist
  • William L. Campbell (1946-2005), film editor of Storm 1987
  • William M. Campbell, president of Discovery Networks U.S.
  • Bill Campbell (illustrator) (born 1920), illustrator for the Hawk Model Company
  • Billy Campbell (TV executive) (born 1959), American TV executive producer
  • William Wilfred Campbell (1858-1918), Canadian poet


  • William Campbell (actor, born 1923) (1923-2011), American film and television actor
  • Billy Gilbert (silent film actor) (William V. Campbell, 1891-1961), American silent film actor
  • Billy Campbell (born 1959), American actor sometimes referred to as William Oliver Campbell or Bill Campbell


  • Junior Campbell (William Campbell, born 1947), musician & composer
  • William Campbell (Scottish musician) (fl1990s), Scottish musician

Religious figures

  • William Campbell (missionary) (1841-1921), Presbyterian missionary to Taiwan
  • William Rickarby Campbell (1840-1918), New Zealand Presbyterian minister
  • Will Campbell (Baptist minister) (1924-2013), American Baptist minister

Other people

  • William Campbell (business executive) (1940-2016), former CEO of Intuit
  • William Campbell (metallographer) (1876-1936), English metallurgist
  • William C. Campbell (scientist) (born 1930), Irish biochemist and a Nobel laureate
  • William Durant Campbell (1907-1995), world Scouting leader
  • William Henry Campbell (college president) (1808-1890), President of Rutgers College, 1862-1882
  • William Wallace Campbell (1862-1938), American astronomer
  • William Middleton Campbell (1849-1919), Governor of the Bank of England
  • William Campbell, Paul McCartney lookalike; according to urban legend took McCartney's place in the Beatles, see Paul is dead
  • Bill Ransom Campbell (1920-1996), academic achitect from North Carolina

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