Amy Locane

Amy Locane

Born: December 19, 1971
Age: 46
Birthplace: Trenton, New Jersey
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Amy Rose Locane-Bovenizer (born December 19, 1971) is an American television and film actress known for her role in John Waters' 1990 musical comedy Cry-Baby. In 1992, Locane played the role of Sandy Harling in the first season of the prime time soap opera Melrose Place.



Locane was born in Trenton, New Jersey and graduated from Villa Victoria Academy. By age 12, she had performed in more than 60 commercials before being cast as a series regular on the sitcom Spencer (1984).

Locane was a member of the original cast of the prime time soap opera Melrose Place, but left the series after only 11 episodes.

Among Locane's film roles, she played Johnny Depp's love interest in John Waters's 1990 film Cry-Baby. She also twice played the girlfriend of Brendan Fraser, in the films School Ties and Airheads, as well as Jessica Lange's daughter in the 1994 film Blue Sky.

Personal life

In 2006, Locane became engaged to firefighter Mark Bovenizer and retired from films, though she acted occasionally in local community theater near their Hopewell, New Jersey home, as well as two 8-minute shorts released in 2009. On January 23, 2007, Locane gave birth to the engaged couple's first child, daughter Paige Cricket. The couple were married sometime before Locane gave birth to their second daughter, Avery Hope, on January 21, 2009. Daughter Paige has mental disabilities while daughter Avery suffers from Crohn's disease. Late in 2015, following Locanes's June 2015 release from prison for vehicular homicide (see below), Bovenizer filed for divorce and for custody of their then five-year-old and seven-year-old daughters. The divorce was finalized sometime before January 2017.

On June 27, 2010, then 38-year-old Locane-Bovenizer caused a fatal motor vehicle collision in Montgomery, New Jersey. Locane was driving 53 miles per hour (85 km/h) in a 35 miles per hour (56 km/h) zone and rapidly closed on the car driven by Fred Seeman, which was traveling at 3 miles per hour (4.8 km/h) as it made a left hand turn in front of her to enter his driveway. The crash killed Seeman's wife, 60-year-old Helene, and seriously injured Fred.

Following the crash, testing revealed Locane's blood alcohol level was three times the limit for legal impairment. In December 2010, Locane was indicted for aggravated manslaughter and assault by automobile. On November 27, 2012, a Somerset County jury convicted Locane of vehicular homicide and assault by auto. On February 14, 2013, Locane was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime, with Montgomery Superior Court Judge Robert B. Reed imposing less than the minimum five-year sentence due to mitigating factors that included her younger daughter's Crohn's disease. While serving her sentence, Locane was in custody at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women and was released on parole on June 12, 2015. On July 22, 2016, a New Jersey appeals court ruled that the three-year sentencing would be re-reviewed due to what the court felt was an inadequate explanation by Reed for leniency. Upon review, Reed stated in September 2016 he had erred in his decision, and that she should serve an additional six months. However, on January 13, 2017, Reed ruled that Locane would not have to go back to prison, saying her conduct since her release showed that she was not a threat to society. Locane said the memory of Seeman will "be forever in her thoughts."


Year Title Role Notes
1989 Lost Angels Cheryl Anderson
1990 Cry-Baby Allison Vernon-Williams
1991 No Secrets Jennifer
1992 School Ties Sally Wheeler
1994 Airheads Kayla
1994 Blue Sky Alex Marshall
1995 Criminal Hearts Keli
1996 Carried Away Catherine Wheeler
1997 Going All the Way Buddy Porter
1997 Prefontaine Nancy Alleman
1997 The Girl Gets Moe Beth
1998 Bongwater Jennifer
1998 Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy Margaret Trelawny
1999 Implicated Ann Campbell
2001 The Heist Lucy
2002 Secretary Lee's Sister
2002 Bad Karma Carly Campbell
2005 Throttle Molly Weaver
2009 Visiting Julia Short Film
2009 Coffee Sarah Short Film
Year Title Role Notes
1984−1985 Spencer Andrea Winger Also known as Under One Roof
Series regular
13 episodes
1985 Young People's Specials Karen 1 episode
1985 Special Treat Bridget Frommer 1 episode
1988 Hothouse Nancy 3 episodes
1992 Melrose Place Sandy Louise Harling Series regular
11 episodes
1997 End of Summer Alice TV Movie
1998 Ebenezer Erica Marlowe TV Movie
1998 Route 9 Sally Hogan TV Movie
1999 Touched by an Angel Stella 1 episode
2003 Mystery Woman Tracy Stenning TV Movie
2005 Alien Express Rosie Holden TV Movie

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