Alicia Goranson

Alicia Goranson

Born: June 22, 1974
Age: 50
Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois, U.S.
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Alicia Linda "Lecy" Goranson /liːsi/ (born June 22, 1974) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as the original "Becky" Conner in the television sitcom Roseanne, which debuted in 1988. She has also had supporting roles in the films How to Make an American Quilt (1996), Boys Don't Cry (1999), and The Extra Man (2010).




Goranson studied acting in Chicago and subsequently landed the role of Becky Conner. It was only the second time she auditioned for a part. She played the character for five seasons, exiting the series in 1992, several episodes into the fifth season, to pursue an education at Vassar College. Her schedule permitted her to continue appearing part-time as Becky. Under her new arrangement, the show's producers and writers had to take care to write scenes for Becky sparingly. Goranson's exit resulted in Becky's eloping with her boyfriend, Mark Healy, who was played by Glenn Quinn. Becky would be seen via the phone briefly on some occasions as she now lived out of state. In the next season, although not at the beginning, the producers decided to bring the character back. Goranson was still unavailable, so Sarah Chalke auditioned and won the role.

Chalke played Becky for the remainder of the sixth season and all of the seventh season. When the show reached its eighth season, Goranson managed to schedule things so that she could work as Becky again, replacing Chalke. Goranson appeared continuously at the beginning of season eight, but by mid-season she had scheduling conflicts again with school. On two occasions Goranson had to pull out of episodes in which the Becky character was necessary; Darlene's wedding and a family trip to Walt Disney World. Chalke was called back in to play Becky for these episodes. Toward the end of the season, Goranson was available again and she returned to play Becky. However, after the end of the eighth season, Goranson decided not to continue due to scheduling conflicts she had during the previous season. For the ninth and what would be the final season, Goranson did not return to the show as Becky Conner Healy, leaving the role to Chalke for the final season.

The appearances by Goranson vs. Chalke became a running gag. Goranson's first re-appearance was marked with a "Where the hell have you been?" from several cast members while in character. Similarly, Chalke's infrequent appearances during Season 8 would be played for humor with an "Aren't you glad you're here this week?" from Roseanne. There was even a glimpse into the future where a grown-up and somewhat catatonic DJ (played by John Goodman) repeatedly uttered "They say she's the same but she isn't the same" and it was revealed to the audience that he was referring to the two actresses playing Becky.


Since Roseanne, Goranson had several small roles in films and has guest starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sex and the City, Damages and Fringe. In her film roles as an adult, she is normally credited as Alicia rather than Lecy. Goranson is currently living in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York; she played the part of Sandra in The Extra Man which opened in limited release on July 30, 2010.

Personal life

Goranson is the daughter of Stephen, an official who works for the Environmental Protection Agency, and Linda Goranson, an English teacher at Evanston Township High School. She has an older brother named Adam.


Year Title Role Notes
1995 How to Make an American Quilt Young Hy
1999 Boys Don't Cry Candace
2004 Death 4 Told Joyce Segment: "The Psychic"
2005 Love, Ludlow Myra
2007 Perfect Dress, TheThe Perfect Dress Candace Short film
2010 Extra Man, TheThe Extra Man Sandra
2011 Monster Slayer Sue Short film
2013 The Wood House Eleanore Short film
Year Title Role Notes
1988-1996 Roseanne Becky Conner-Healy Main role, 146 episodes
2004 Sex and the City Amber (Birth Mother) Episode: "An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux"
2004 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Rosalin Silvo Episode: "Poison"
2009 Fringe Tattoo Girl Episode: "Inner Child"
2011 Naked in a Fishbowl Blossom Barney Episode: "Blossom Barney Crystal Healer"
2012 Damages Sally Episode: "Something's Wrong With Me"
2015 Co-operation Bonnie Episodes: "Episode #1.3", "The Interview"

Awards and nominations

TV Land Award

  • 2008: Won, "Innovator Award" - Roseanne

Young Artist Award

  • 1989: Nominated, "Best Young Actress in a Supporting Role in a Television Series" - Roseanne
  • 1990: Nominated, "Best Young Actress in a Supporting Role in a Television Series" - Roseanne

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